Interesting discussions at NoSQL Now

At NoSQL Now conference I presented a case study on use of MongoDB schema-less JSON/BSON database engine combined with XQuery processing of the result sets. Only to be challenged by Oracle and Microsoft architects.

Their claim is XMLtype and Xpath/Xquery processing in a RDBMS provides the equivalent of NoSQL database. Of course this isn’t true. But I guess we can’t expect anything different from the companies who’s bread is buttered by RDBMS software license and maintenance revenues. Let’s call them the “Relational Luddites” who are resisting the whole move to NewSQL and NoSQL engines.

We know from own testing that the leading RDBMS vendors fail on use cases. Not just in document processing but in the area of horizontal scalability and the efficiency of mapping database objects to web applications.

And there are published benchmarks showing engines like MongoDB and VoltDB to be an order of magnitude faster than relational databases. In some cases two orders of magnitudes faster.

Perhaps the industry needs a new TPC-C/TPC-D style of benchmark to prove some of the claims and counter claims.


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